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The Year’s Biggest and Most Important Live Event, Fall 2017


Hosted by The Truth About Cancer

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In three powerful days there will be over 35 presentations on life changing health topics from the leading health luminaries. Best of all, you get to share it with your audience for free!


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Last fall we had our first LIVE event in Texas called The Truth About Cancer: Ultimate Live Symposium (aka ULS), which was available for live-streaming, and it was a massive success!

Over 40 of today’s most in demand health luminaries presented some of the best insights on important health topics that I’ve ever seen! Speakers included Dr. Joe Mercola, Mike Adams, Del Bigtree, Robert F Kennedy Jr., Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Palevsky, Ocean Robbins, Chris Wark, Sayer Ji and many others!

Well, the response & impact…was great with over 319,311 people who registered and 2,217,237 total views of the presentations. Our opt-in page converted at 59% and we had an average $2.32 EPC. That was with only speakers and a select few affiliates supporting the event as we kept this event more exclusive (and we still paid out over $1,000,000 in commissions).

Because we limited affiliate participation last year to make sure our conversions were top notch, we’ve decided to allow ALL our affiliates, including YOU to promote the proven and time-tested event starting again soon…

Save the Dates…

  • Pre-Launch (best time to mail & promote on social media): Sept 26th – Oct 4th, 2017
  • Launch (we will air the full live event for free): Oct 5th – 7th, 2017
  • Replay Weekend: Oct 13th – Oct 15th


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We recommend sending at least 3 emails to get the highest conversions and commissions.
TTAC works on a last cookie, first lead in referral ID basis. We also pay lifetime commissions and hard code your affiliate ID which is much stronger than cookie tracking alone. (We also cookie and IP track too, because tracking your leads accurately means we get to send you bigger checks :) )

Sept 26th – Oct 4th
Pre-Launch (mail & promote on social media…repeat!)

We suggest sending two full solo’s BEFORE the event starts to an opt-in page to get people to sign up and live-stream our 3-day event for FREE. Our recommendation would be Sep 26th (first day of promo) and hit the un-opens on Sep 27th. Another great time to mail is Oct 1st (starts in 3 days), and then again on Oct 3rd (starts tomorrow). The event starts on Oct 5th and will be three full days of high quality content for your followers.

Oct 5th – 7th
Launch / Live Event (keep your promotions up!)

We suggest a full send (or to the unopens) on Oct 5th as a last chance to not miss out on Day 1’s content. Scarcity is key ie. “It starts tomorrow”, “It starts TODAY” and “It started yesterday!” :)

You can also send every day during the event if you’d like. Totally up to you, these are just our recommendations.

If you are a speaker, you are required to send the morning of your schedule presentation to remind your audience you are going on stage today.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Simply send a few pre-written emails and share posts on your Facebook and Twitter feeds between Sept 26th – Oct 7th, encouraging your readers to sign up & check out the live streaming event.
  • Your readers get to watch our 3 day live streamed event completely free with no strings attached.
  • We will offer your readers the opportunity to buy the recordings of the event — all the main presentations, all the breakout sessions — and support our mission in the process of doing so…
  • You will earn 40-50% of every dollar they spend.
  • You get paid 100% of commissions earned for the month on the 30th of the following month (to account for refunds, if any). For example: All commissions earned in January will be paid at the end of February.
    Note: Commissions of $5 or less will only be paid via PayPal.

In our last event for The Truth About Cancer: The Ultimate Live Symposium, affiliates averaged $2.32 EPC (earnings per click) and we sold over 23,000 copies of the recordings!

Let me also mention, you’ll earn commissions from our premier sponsor…

There will sometimes be a banner and also video ads during breaks running throughout the 3 day event from Organixx (formerly Epigenetic Labs), our premier sponsor, who sells all-natural, organic, high quality supplements to protect, strengthen, detox, and more.

Every time one of YOUR people click on an ad and buy, you will receive credit for it.

The affiliates who participated in our test launch, earned an additional $.71 EPC. Mike Adams from Natural News earned an extra $.95 EPC from this added perk.

EL paid our 29 affiliates $101,142.66 collectively in bonus commissions.

PLUS, your people will be cookied in their affiliate program for 60 days on all reorders.

Is this cool or what?


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Pre-Launch Creatives: Sept 26th – Oct 4th

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It’s Here/During the Event Creatives: Oct 5th – 7th

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Replay Weekend Creatives: Oct 13th – 15th

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Launch Contest & Prizes

We’ve given away more than $400,000 in cash and prizes combined for our last 7 launches. We always love some friendly competition on our leaderboard and want to make sure to take care of our awesome affiliates & speakers! If you push hard, you can win some big bucks!

$11k Leads Contest for Top 5 + Bonus Leads Contest

We are giving away a total of $11,000 in our leads contest for our Top 5 with the most leads between Sept 26th – October 8th. Prize breakdown below….

We are also giving away even more $$$ with a bonus leads contest. The more leads you send, the more money you can earn. Last launch we gave away an additional $26k in contest prizes with this bonus incentive. Here’s the breakdown below for our Live Event launch (contest ends on Oct 8th)…

LE contest graphics 2017-bonus

$25K Sales Contest for The Top 10

Check it out – we have some awesome cash prizes below for our Top 10 leaderboard with the most commissions between October 5th – Oct 16th. The harder you promote and more leads you send, the more you will earn in commissions giving you a better chance to make our Top 10!

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