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Join us for the upcoming launch of The Truth About Cancer’s next LIVE EVENT…
  • Pre-Launch (best time to mail & promote on social media)
    •  September 26th – October 4th, 2017
  • Launch (we will air the full live event for free)
    • October 5th – October 7th, 2017
  • Replay Weekend
    • October 14th – October 15th, 2017
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In the meantime…

We sometimes run smaller relaunches of our TTAC A Global Quest docu-series. You can email Jamie or Rose at: to see when the next event for this series will be and for your affiliate link. Here’s our evergreen copy during events: STAGE 1: Pre-launch Creatives This includes email swipes, a social media kit with snippets and graphics, advertorials, web banners and paid friendly ad creatives. The pre-launch is the best time to promote! STAGE 2: It Starts Tomorrow / Today / Yesterday In this zip file, you have time sensitive email copy, social graphics / snippets and web banners for the day before episode 1 airs, the first day it airs and then the following day as it creates a sense of urgency. We highly recommend you promote around this time. STAGE 3: It’s Live It’s not necessary to promote during the event but you certainly can if you’d prefer. We’ll be emailing all your leads during this time with everything they need to watch all the episodes. All swipes for this stage of the event are in the zip file above. STAGE 4: Replay Weekend Want to boost commissions as high as 29%? Then we recommend promoting the Replay Weekend. This isn’t to be announced until the Saturday morning of the actual Replay Weekend because we open this up as last chance to watch all the episodes without having to opt in. Creatives are in the zip file attached above and please email Rose for your unique link for the Replay Weekend. During non-events, your people can still get access to episodes 1 & 2 (with the opportunity to purchase) after watching the video trailer and signing up using your affiliate link. For your most recent A Global Quest links, please email Rose at:

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