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  Since the leads you refer to us are set up for lifetime commissions, they’ll be tagged to you forever. So regardless of what they buy from us, even if it’s a year from now, you still get paid on every sale for every product — forever. Example:
dollar $97 Digital Product X 50% = $48.50 Commissions for you
dollar $297 Physical Product X 40% after product costs = $118.80 Commissions for you
For all of you overachievers (super affiliates) – we also have a 2nd tier system in place for you. When you recommend us to your affiliates, any sales that they make, you’ll receive 10% commissions on those as well (forever).

Getting Paid…

Our policy in 2016 was that 90% of commissions earned for the launch was paid out on the 15th of the following month. Then the remaining 10% was paid to you 60 days later, to account fully for refunds, etc. We also had a $50 minimum you had to hit before any commissions were paid out. We now pay out 100% of commissions earned for the month on the 30th of the following month (to account for refunds, if any). For example: All commissions earned in January will be paid at the end of February. Please note: commissions of $5 or less will only be paid via PayPal. Please be aware that we won’t pay out commissions until we have your latest, most accurate W9/W8-BEN on file. To receive your commissions for the month, your tax forms must be submitted by the 15th of that month to For example: To receive commissions earned in January, your tax forms must be submitted by February 15th.

Complete “Done For You System”

We want this to be as easy as possible for you. That’s why we’re going to send you top-tested email copy to send to your list (with your affiliate link already embedded). Feel free to slightly tweak it, or leave it alone – either way, it’s guaranteed to convert. Here’s the launch timeline for your sends:
  • Pre-Launch: September 26th – October 4th, 2017
  • Launch: October 5th – October 7th, 2017
  • Replay Weekend: October 14th – October 15th, 2017

Confidence in Conversions

Our last 7 launches were each and collectively major successes… and with your help this time around, we can spread the awareness to expose, educate and eradicate cancer in the hands of more people! Our average affiliate EPC (earnings per click) for our last event was $2+. We had some affiliates earning a $4+ EPC! We’re constantly testing and tweaking to keep these EPC’s higher and higher for each event. More good news on why you should have so much confidence in us… We’ve hired one of the best underground copywriters in the world and this will be his 15th million-dollar launch in five years. He has sold more than $50,000,000 dollars of products online. Rest assured your email swipe copy and on site conversions will be top notch, tested, tried and optimized to ensure the best possible results. TyBolingerOur Host, Ty Bollinger, is “the man to know” and a recognized pillar of the alternative cancer movement. He’ll be all over TV and radio promoting this docu-series (documentary mini series) – not to mention that he’s interviewed the best of the best – more than 100 doctors, experts and survivors from all over the world.   If you have any questions about this, please email us at: