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“Quite possibly the most important and most profitable promotion you’ll do all year” – Ty Bollinger

$13 Million PAID In Affiliate Commissions In Under 4 Years

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Who We Are & Why You Should Work with Us…

      • Did you know, Cancer will affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women?  …
    • It’s practically guaranteed that cancer will affect you, me, our kids, our parents, our best friends, our spouses, and even our pets
    • TTAC’s mission is to educate the world, expose the lies, and eradicate cancer via empowering people with life-saving knowledge and truth relating to all types of cancer treatments. And we would love your support!
  • Since May 2014, we’ve empowered millions of people with real answers and solutions for preventing, treating and beating cancer naturally.
    • We’ve created 5 online docu-series (documentary mini-series), held 2 live events and have had 9 launches since our inception. Collectively, we’ve had nearly 2,000,000 LIVE in-person, online and replay event registrants, with more than 25 million episode views, and received thousands of personal letters/emails from people saying “I (or a loved one) am alive today because of your event.”
    • In the last two years, we’ve donated $500,000+ to the following charities: Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF), Healing Strong, Cancer Crackdown, American Anti-Cancer Institute (AACI), The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation, National Vaccine Information Center, Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute & Planet Paws.
  • Join us and be a hero to help spread this eye-opening and life-saving information to your list, followers and fans to educate, expose and eradicate cancer by supporting this movement.

The Easiest Affiliate Program on the Market Right Now

Never a Sales Pitch! Your Tribe Will Thank You

You never have to send a sales letter to your audience. You are just promoting FREE, high quality content that your list will thank you for. It’s a complete “feel good” promotion, plus it will be the best converting offer you promote all year! Cancer affects everyone – so our promo is very universal and converts no matter who your audience is or what niche you are in.

Show Me The Commissions

Our affiliate partners have been paid more than $13 million + over $500k in affiliate cash & prizes for sharing our events with their audiences through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., all while sharing pure, high quality content and NEVER sending a sales email.

Confidence in Our Conversions

We have perfected this model for almost 4 years now, averaging over a $2 EPC (Earnings per click) for our last three events for all traffic and over a 42% opt-in rate for each event. We offer lifetime commissions by product, and we pay out 100% of the previous month’s earnings every month, so EPC’s rise even higher over time.

Top Notch Affiliate Service

We are better to our affiliates than anyone in the industry! We make it super simple for you by providing high converting landing pages (even customizing them upon request), extensive email swipes, social graphics and media kits that you can easily copy and paste or make slight tweaks to put in your voice. Plus, you never have to chase us for your commission checks… we ALWAYS pay on time!

Here’s How Our Funnel Works

Simply send a few pre-written emails and share posts on your Facebook and Twitter feeds during the pre-launch phase of the launch, encouraging your readers to check out the video trailer page for that docu-series launch.
All they need to do is opt in with their first name and email address, and we take it from there! Your readers get to watch our 9 episode docu-series screening event completely FREE, with no strings attached starting on the day it launches.
On Day 1 of the event, one episode per day (anywhere between 60-90 minutes) will be released and available to watch for FREE for 24 hours.
Starting on Day 2, we will offer your readers the opportunity to buy the docu-series episodes, and support our mission in the process of doing so.
And that’s when your commissions start coming in. You will earn 40-50% of every dollar they spend. Sales will increase as each episode is released, with a big boost before we close down the special pricing.
If you refer us other affiliates, you earn a 10% 2nd tier commission for all sales they make. We have had some affiliates earn over $50k just in 2nd tier referrals alone!
You’re paid 100% of commissions earned for the month on the 30th of the following month.

Important Dates to Note…

The Truth About Cancer®: A Global Quest Docu-Series

    • PRE-LAUNCH September 25th – October 8th, 2018
    • LAUNCH (EVENT DATES) October 9th, 2018
      (1 Episode per day, for 9 days)
  • REPLAY WEEKEND October 20 – 21st, 2018
  • CART CLOSE October 22, 2018

See What Our Affiliates & JV Partners Have to Say…

“The Truth About Cancer has put together the most successful and popular launches we’ve ever promoted. Our audiences loves their mission-based, straight-up style, their ethical and clean marketing, and their cutting edge and powerfully useful content. We’ve received more “thank you” messages from our members for promotion of TTAC launches than for anything else we’ve ever promoted. And they offer outstanding “lead magnets”, which means their launches drive high clicks as well as high engagement. And did I mention conversions? Unbelievable. Over the last 2+ years, we’ve earned more than $500,000 promoting TTAC launches – which has made an enormous difference in support of our work.”

Ocean Robbins, CEO

The Food Revolution Network

“TTAC has an incredible affiliate program. Their content is phenomenal and their team is first class. Partnering with TTAC was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the online space. It is one of my most valuable relationships and has made a huge impact in my life and my online business growth.”

Christopher Wark

Chris Beat Cancer

“Healing Gourmet is very selective about the offers we promote to our list and the companies we partner with. The first question is always, How will this benefit our readers? The content produced by The Truth about Cancer is hugely important. And tremendously valuable – even lifesaving – to those who watch and listen. We’re proud to partner with the Truth about Cancer. And based on the letters of thanks we get, our readers feel the same way. We also love that we can do well, by doing good. The Truth about Cancer is consistently one of our top performing outside offers in terms of conversions and revenue per email.”

Kelley Herring

“I’ve always had three criteria that I insist on in working with partners… that they have valuable content and products that we can share with our subscribers, that the partner send quality traffic back, and that the partner be honest, up front and easy to work. The TTAC hits all those points with ease. I’ve been working with them for a number of years and besides them being one of my best converting partners with great offers, they’re also just a great team to work with. I’ve been working with Jamie for years (even before her TTAC days!) and she has always been such a pleasure to communicate with. And now Mark West has fit in perfectly with the team as well, always making things easy for us. I always enjoy our working relationship and can’t recommend them enough!”

Alex Ortner

CMO, The Tapping Solution

“TTAC doesn’t publish trash that sells. They share life-transforming information that converts. My website followers and my affiliate network are grateful and promoting TTAC launches have been a win-win-win for everyone. I’m pretty new to the scene, but have seen a lot of different promos since being thrown in the affiliate marketing world spring 2015. That was when I first met Ty Bollinger through a mutual friend. Ty and I interviewed each other for our launches – he featured me on the Global Quest for the Cure and I featured him on the Essential Oils Revolution Summit – and both turned out to be epic.  And both helped put me on the map in a HUGE way.  I walked into the October 2015 TTAC launch with a brand new list from my EOR summit, and armed with an affiliate network that made good money off of my launch and trusted my judgement. I opened up my both books of business to Jamie and the TTAC affiliate team and I was not let down. Not only have I made nearly as much money off of my 2nd tier as I have off of my own 6-figure email list during their launches, I continue to make money – month after month – because of their lifetime commission structure.  Sure, the money is great and helping my tribe overcome cancer and beat disease is awesome, but I have been MOST impressed by the VIP treatment Jaime and the TTAC affiliate team continually give to us. For anyone who has been to their Charity Galas or Dallas live event you can testify, TTAC rolls out the red carpet for their partners.  TTAC has earned my respect, my trust and it’s an honor to be an affiliate partner.

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Health Educator

“I’ve had the pleasure and honor of being an affiliate for The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines (TTAC/TTAV), and I have to say that after working with quite a few companies who create and promote summits, working with this team has been the most rewarding of all. Jamie, their lead affiliate manager, is just super to work with and helps to solve any issues or questions I may have in a very timely manner. They are the only company I’ve worked with that uses advanced affiliate software that always works, and works really well. They create excellent graphics, swipe copy, social media copy, top notch lander pages, and of course, high conversion sales funnels. Their content – the actual summit program – is conceptually articulate, highly produced and very engaging, all the way through. And get this, they actually pay on time, every time, without fail – no need to chase money and ask to get paid! I’ve earned a significant amount of revenue from promoting their programs, which I am very thankful for. TTAC/TTAV is the gold standard that all other summit producers aspire to be like, or should aspire to be like. If you have an audience that you want to monetize, I can’t think of a better partner to work with than TTAC/TTAV. You’ll be glad you did! “

Larry Cook

Anti-Vaccine Activist

“TTAC is by far our favorite affiliate relationship. Their products and offers have outperformed everything we have ever promoted by a mile. Their affiliate team is a pleasure to work with and is always prepared and willing to help make the relationship a HUGE success. Our subscribers are happy, we are happy, everyone wins!”

Reggie Black

Cancer Tutor

“Being a part of The Truth About Cancer team has been an incredible experience. Not only are we involved in a mission that is truly changing and saving lives, we have an opportunity to make an income that allows us to finance our endeavors in fighting for a cleaner food supply and a healthier environment. It’s a rare gift to be paid to do something you love while simultaneously changing the health landscape for our fellow citizens, and TTAC is the vessel that allows us to do just that! I couldn’t recommend a better affiliate program to partner with…it’s been such an honor to spread their noble message and witness the positive health changes that have happened as a result.”

Kelly & Tami

March Against Monsanto

“Working with the truth about cancer and the truth about vaccines has been one of the best things for my business as a whole. As a health blogger I depend on advertising and affiliate revenue. I can consistently depend on the truth about cancer as not just an affiliate offer but a high quality offer that I can promote to my audience with trust and integrity. They don’t push hard to sell their series which I like. It’s low pressure, high value content. I can always count on healthy conversions because they care and put their heart and high value content first and foremost. I will continue to promote their events and recommend other affiliates to promote their events also. I couldn’t be more grateful for the TTAC team!”

David Benjamin


Meet The TTAC Team…


Ty Bollinger

Our Host and TTAC co-owner, Ty Bollinger, is “the man to know” and a recognized pillar of the alternative cancer movement. He’s been all over TV and radio promoting our docu-series – not to mention that he’s interviewed the best of the best – more than 150 doctors, experts and survivors from all over the world in his search to educate, expose and eradicate cancer around the world.


Charlene Bollinger

Our CEO and co-owner, Charlene Bollinger, is one of the movers and shakers in the natural health movement, receiving the “Paradigm Shifter in Alternative Medicine” Award in 2017. She and her husband Ty have been on the mission to spread the truth about cancer for over 2 decades. Charlene is a woman on a mission and cares deeply about educating every man, woman, and child that cancer is not a death sentence!


Jamie Martorano

Jamie is our Lead Affiliate Manager that has been with The Truth About Cancer® since almost the beginning (September 2014). She has been in the industry for past 10+ years. Bringing her hard work ethic, powerful networking skills, and great relationship management she continually brings on new affiliates while helping them spread the word about TTAC’s life-saving information. You can reach her at:

AFFILIATE Coordinator

Lauren Martorano

Lauren is Jamie’s Ninja Affiliate Coordinator. She has worked in the natural health industry for 5+ years and is an organizational freak (in a good way, I promise!). Not to mention she is obsessed with alternative health and takes pride in her natural health lifestyle. She loves analytics and all things affiliate marketing related, so if you need stats from a past mailing or anything at all, she’s your girl. You can reach her at:

affiliate dept. assistant

Rose Ann Caras

Rose is the Affiliate Assistant who provides support to Jamie, Mark & Rae for The Truth About Cancer®, and our awesome affiliates. She’s been working in the business for nearly nine years. She’s a rockstar at getting stats, reports, links, content, and guiding affiliates to where they need to be, to get what they need. You can reach Rose at:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to get a hold of The Truth About Cancer Affiliate Managers…who do I contact?
A: For all questions about being an affiliate, joint ventures, and how to make the most from this promotion, contact our Affiliate Managers… Jamie Martorano at: Mark West at:
Q: What affiliate platform do you use to track sales?
A: Post Affiliate Pro
Q: How do I get my creative and affiliate links?
A: You can find all tested swipe emails, banners, social media posts, etc. in our affiliate center a few weeks before launch under ‘Swipes & Graphics’.

We want to make it as easy as possible. All creatives along with unique tracking links will be emailed to each individual partner. If there’s something specific you need to help promote our events, let us know — we’ll make sure to get it over to you.
Q: My readers have a questions for the customer service team at The Truth About Cancer – who do I refer them to?
Q: When will I get paid commissions on sales?
A: We pay out 100% of commissions earned for the month on the 30th of the following month (to account for refunds, if any). For example: all commissions earned in January will be paid at the end of February.

Note: commissions of $5 or less will only be paid via PayPal.

Please be aware that we won’t pay out commissions until we have your latest, accurate W9/W8-BEN on file. To receive your commissions for the month, your tax forms must be submitted by the 15th of that month to For example: to receive commissions earned in January, your tax forms must be submitted by February 15th.
Q: What is the commission structure?
A: You’ll earn 50% commissions on all digital products and 40% on all physical product sales (after product costs) and 25% on any upsells.
Q: How does your cookie system work when people opt-in?
A: Our cookies and leads are set to never expire. We are a last lead in program, with commissions paid out to the last referral of record for the buyer.
Q: Is there a way to see the stats back-end for the links I have promoted for?
A: Yes, after you sign up to be an affiliate, you can login to our affiliate system here.

Click on Reports and select the Quick Stats and/or Trend Reports to see your stats.
Q: I forgot my username or password, how do I get back into my affiliate account?
A: Your username should be the email address you signed up with. Hint: it’s the same email address where you’ve been receiving the affiliate emails from Jamie and Mark:

If you can’t figure out your password, click here to reset your current password.

If you still can’t login, email us at:, and we’ll send you your email and a new password.
Q: Why don’t I see instant sales in my account during a launch?
A: You won’t see instant sales/commissions from your promotional efforts during our pre-launch phase. After your people sign up for the FREE screening of our docu-series, they’ll go through a time-tested and PROVEN launch sequence that will deliver amazing value and also generate a lot more sales than going straight to a sales page.

You’ll start to see sales coming in on day 2 of the event, and they’ll increase every day and then again after our replay weekend.

The Truth About Cancer Affiliate Access

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